Fog of Seacouver

On the bay, Dr. Friendly notices the fog begin to slowly overtake the ship. So he tries to slide up next to it, but is seen by the lookouts. They hail him and he tricks them into believing his ship was not working (by breaking the engine), and needed to use the radio. They let him up and take him to the helm of the ship, but strangely the radio wasn’t working. Dr. Friendly turns to see the man wielding a pipe and swinging at him. As this happens the fog rushes in on them, filling the helm. Dr. Friendly asks the fog to obscure him even more and he dodges past the strike, and runs out of the helm.

As the party rages Vince decided to kick things up since the demon inside him couldn’t feed on the chaos. Meanwhile, Jake notices the color change from shiny white to red and black and decides that its a threat. He blasts the energy, tearing it away from the crowd painfully, leaving them all stunned. Jake takes another shot at the equipment, destroying it, but the feedback on himself was quite strong. Vince tries to rile up the crowd and insult Bartholomew, humbling him, as the destruction of the lights begins to burn down the ship. As the crowd turns on him, and his ship burns down around him, the technomancer gives up to Vince.

Shen uses the confusion to slip into the back to look for the missing students. He looks in the back rooms, but eventually goes up to the hold on the main deck. It is made up opulently as a hipster paradise with computers and magic paraphernalia. In the back, Lynn and Dennis were being kept in a small locked room. He frees them, and they meet Arthur on the way to the Azure Pearl.

The students have been rescued and the burning rave-ship has been put out, but the storm roils out of control as our heroes head toward the shore. What was Bartholomew up to? Are the student’s alright? What ancient power did Arthur wake up? What does the unseelie-rat want as a favor?



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