Alexander Chattham

Former member of the Sign of Venus. Now a corpse at the bottom of the bay.


Morningstar of the Sign of Venus
Lust for Strength and Blood

+4 Lore
+3 Physique
+2 Will
Mild Consequence: Tears
Moderate Consequence: Bruised Ribs


Alexander’s lust for strength and blood led him to be too foolhardy when attempting to take the Mystical Prayer Wheels. He was captured, held captive and tortured by Vince and Shen for information. They found out that the Sign of Venus was after the prayer wheel to stop the sanctifying of a new Buddhist temple.
To keep Alexander from escaping and letting the Sign of Venus know too much Shen had to dispatch him and dispose of the body in the bay.
One of Alexander’s bones was sent to a member of the Shen family for divination.

Alexander Chattham

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