Tag: Shen Family


  • Mongolian Death Worm

    A supernatural worm that is home to northern Asian deserts. It is thought to be quite poisonous and thrives on dry conditions. The Shen family has hunted them to near extinction.

  • Rakshasa

    Rakshasa are deceptive beings, bestial in appearance but quite devious. They feast on flesh. They prefer it live, but will eat carrion if need be. They are another enemy of the Shen Family.

  • Shen Family

    The Shen family is a line that derives directly from a powerful, ancient water dragon. The lake where their palace is has begun to dry up and no one has been able to enter. As far as anyone know their ancient father is still trapped inside. So the …

  • Shen's Villa

    The [[Shen Family | Shen family]] rents a villa for [[:shen-tao | Tao]] while he investigates [[Seacouver, WA | Seacouver]]. It is a 2 storied modern home with a nearly empty wine cellar and a boat house.

  • Shen Tao

    Shen Tao was born at about 8:30 AM, on April 19th 1892, during the reign of the Guangxu Emperor, 11th emperor of the Qing Dynasty. The birth of any male child in the Dragon’s family is a time for celebration, since the yang energy is usually passed on to …