Tag: Two and a Half Mobs


  • Triads

    The Triads of Seacouver are an offshoot of the Mainland Chinese mafia. This group is led by a small group of Mystics that use the I-Ching to bend destiny. The man only known as [[:tiger-shadow | Tiger Shadow]] is the current head of the Triads.

  • Russian Mafia

    The Russian mafia is one of three criminal organizations that are benefiting from the lack of central authority in Seacouver. They mainly trade in guns, prostitution, gambling and extortion. They are run by [[The Circle | the Circle]], a group of Pagan …

  • Maddox Family

    The Maddox Family, sometimes known as Maggie's Boys, is a gang of Irish sons of [[:mad-maggie-maddox | Maggie Maddox]]. Each one is married off to a supernatural creature, giving them the widest supernatural information network throughout the city. …

  • Seacouver, WA

    Seacouver is a large city located between Seattle and Vancouver on the coast. It began as a small port city that became a popular town for people to stop by on their way to the Klondike. It had a large boom in the early 20th century when it was building …