Fog of Seacouver


What we know so far

Fog of Seacouver: Icebreaker

What we know so far…
The Sign of Venus: A group of sorcerers who find power through lust.
The Sign of Venus hired Vince to acquire a set of prayer wheels. In the hands of the Tong Wang Anning Temple it would reduce the sorcerers well of power.

Tong Wang Anning Temple: Buddhist temple, led by Brother Hsi, that wishes to build a new temple that is consecrated by the set of prayer wheels. It will enhance the Buddhists ability to protect the city against spirits.

Cathedral of the Holy Sepulcher: Headed by Sister Mirabella, an ancient nun who has devoted her life to protecting the city from demons. It was broken into by demons and a relic was stolen.

Lamassu Statue – A statue of a lamassu with inscriptions about protection from fear and darkness.

Dragon-wrapped Samurai Sword – An ancient samurai sword with a stone dragon wrapped around it. It is inhabited by the spirits of the last samurai who wielded it and a dragon locked in eternal combat.

Russian Mafia – The Russian Mafia is headed by a circle of Neo-pagan druids. But there is a splinter group led by Yekatarina Rostov, the Head of the Circle’s daughter, who are attempting to gain power by summoning demons. Her group attempted to steal the Lamassu statue, and when they failed they kidnapped Bridget to force Dash to get the statue for them. This failed when the group found out where Bridget was being held and invaded the home. Vince entered the Shadow World, a place in hell ruled by Polunocnica, Lady Midnight, where Bridget was being held. Dash tore through the demons while Shen transformed into Dimitri Rostov and talked Yekaterina down and had her taken back to the real Dimitri.

Lady Midnight – A demon who revels in fear and lives in shadow. Vince reminds her of someone.



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