Fog of Seacouver

Dr. Friendly called upon dark powers to summon a storm created by the spirits of water. They did what was bidden, but this brought on the attention of Adad, the Babylonian storm deity. He raged upon the small boat, and across the city, almost drowning Arthur and his new friends. Through luck and the correct prayers they were able to reach land.
As they made it to land, Jake and Delia slipped off into the fog while the others figured out what was happening. Borrowing a van, Vince drove Dennis, Lynn and Arthur to the hospital were they were patched up.
Vince and Shen took Bartholomew to a familiar scene in Shen’s basement. With plastic sheeting and the right words Shen asked Bartholomew what was going on. His goals are to combine technology and magic safely. To do so he was attempting to join the Sign of Venus, who has the knowledge and resources to help him in his endeavor. But he needed to give them a show of his power, to see if he was worthy to join. To do this he was attempting to open a portal to a demi-plane where the Sign could siphon off magical energy to make themselves more powerful. Harnessing the frenetic energy of his Children of Light, who he loves dearly, he tried to siphon off enough of their energy to open the portal without hurting the clubbers… until the characters arrived.
Shen decided to use this to his advantage and has lured Bartholomew with promises of funding and knowledge. All he has to do is become a mole in the Sign of Venus.
Afterward Vince went home to find his apartment a mess, once again. The safe that the lamasu statue was being kept in was blown apart and a huge hole was blown into his wall. Seeing that the Oni Sword was still there Vince merely shrugged, boarded up the hole and set about looking up some information about Adad. This deity had some connection with lamasu that seems to connect the storm with the missing statue.



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